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NEURS Provides a

Simple 3-Step Formula

to Help You Become a Successful Entrepreneur

How it works

Try the world's first algorithm designed to help you find the business of your dreams.

Within Minutes of Completion You Will Discover Your Most Compatible Matches!

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Each suggestion comes with a PCP Score (your compatibility index) as well as a full report and access to Providers on our platform.

"After completing the questionnaire, NEURS suggested that I had a high compatibility with a business I've never even heard of called Kyäni. I checked it out and realized that my interests and values perfectly aligned with the company. After doing some research and hearing from others, I first tested the product and became a customer. After being completely convinced I then joined as a distributor. Great work Team!"

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Sophia T. Erik. Munich, Germany.


Search From Thousands of Business Ideas on Our Database

Next, Find the Mentors You Need to Become A

Successful Entrepreneur

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Finally, get engaged in NEURS® University. You'll get the confidence you’ll need to boldly pursue your dream of business ownership.

The Curriculum

"I've now taken several NEURS University courses and they are great resource for any entrepreneur. What I’ve learned has already saved me a ton of time and money. I would recommend that you go through all the courses like I have; its worth the effort."

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Dubiel Roman. Miami, Florida USA.


NEURS University

Education Based On

Real Life Experiences

The NEURS® University training is unique because it has been developed using the real life knowledge of members of our founding team that have decades of combined experience having started dozens of companies.

Education Based On Making The Complex Simple

Education Based On Making

The Complex, Simple

We also developed the course material by documenting in each class the solutions we found to the challenges we faced when creating We went out of our way to provide content that's normally complex, in a simple format so everyone can learn the basics of starting and growing a business.

Education Designed To Be Extremely Practical

Education Designed To Be

Extremely Practical

You will love our educational material because it was designed with a real sense of street smart solutions, combined with laser focused practicality and direction to help you profit from your ideal business faster.


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