Unleash the True Brilliance of Your Brand

The Reality:
The reality is that very few entrepreneurs and leaders have a properly developed brand for today’s New Digital Brand Generation. The reality is; over 75% of the products and services launched and 600,000+ entrepreneurs and small businesses FAIL every year in the US alone.

Without a well-defined brand, you are simply a hard worker and you will have to negotiate more and earn much less than you deserve. The reality is, today is about the new digital brand generation and you better understand how it works and get very good at it, or you may become part of the group mentioned above.

The Risk:
In this generation, if you do not have a well crafted ‘digitally’ executed brand, you run the risk of consumers or prospects in a matter of seconds, rendering your brand irrelevant. More often than you think, 90% of brands are behind the digital brand curve and stuck in the mud.

This is why you have to embrace the velocity of ‘digital’ change, when it comes to developing and marketing your brand. If you have a properly developed brand, you can greatly advance and accelerate the market position of your brand.

What to Focus On:
This new generation of digital consumers demand real and credible engagement along with rich interactive content the way they want it, when they want it and how they want it.

To be BRAND competitive you must take new ideas that are relevant, then achieve the consumer’s expectation and give them a great emotional experience. Brands today must exceed the promise with intelligent content and a unique users experience that has lasting emotional impact.

It’s not so much about your product or service - It’s more important how you communicate your brand and the “Consumers EXPERIENCE” when interacting with your brand.

What this Means:
It’s about bringing your brand alive because the tendency is to be the same - a bunch of lookalikes. From the consumers perspective, it look like everybody is doing what you do, they are teaching what you teach and selling what you sell.

Your most important points of differentiation for your brand, is HOW you are doing it! It means we must focus on the consumers EXPERIENCE they have with your brand, products and services you sell.

Your brand must be living and breathing and the CONSUMER EXPERIENCE is what must be differentiated. What creates brand recall is a brand that’s relevant, credible, exceeds the “experience promise” and creates an unforgettable emotional experience.

The Outcome:
Ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs will own a respected and credible “first choice” MEGA Brand in their target market. The outcome is expanded market reach, greater market share, and increased brand loyalty.

Even more importantly, your consumers will experience a rich interactive emotional connection to your brand. They will see you as being irreplaceable and delighted to refer and keep coming back to do more business with you year after year.

Take Action:
Good digital branding is like a tool that works better than any other marketing method I know. An increasing number of professionals, entrepreneurs and solpreneurs are embracing digital branding as the guiding philosophy for building and growing their business.

A well-established digital brand will take YOU from a dime-a-dozen, one on every street corner commodity, to a MEGA BRAND™ in a thirsty target that you dominate. It’s NO LONGER “A-Nice-Thing-to-Have”; it’s an absolute must!

Branding effectively and connecting with customers is not about how much money you have to spend, but about how clearly, consistently and relevantly you can communicate your brand message in everything you do.

A well-developed digital brand is your worldwide workforce that spells enormous opportunity.

Word of Mouth:
Why is it so important to get your community to virally spread the meaning and value of your brand? Word of mouth is now the number one and most effective way to sell your brand, products and services.

It’s very consistent among all research, that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations compared to only 14% that trust advertisements., reports that 24% of social media ‘word of mouth’ leads convert to sales opportunities.

Today you can plug into the social media channels and build relationships and that means more business. By word of mouth alone, you can grow a worldwide successful brand. This is the most profound and exciting opportunity that exists anywhere in the world.

First Question to Answer:

Ask the question…

How can I make my brand infectious?

We know about B2B (Business to Business), we know about B2C (Business to Consumer), but today the game is about C2C (Consumer to Consumer).

You must figure out a way to make your brand infectious so those in your community will virally spread the meaning and value of your brand with velocity. The goal is about maximizing the spread of your brand from Consumer to Consumer.

Find the right answer to this question… everything else will naturally come together!

Contributed by: Rick Rainbolt
Entrepreneur, Investor, Team Builder, Speaker and Author