NEURS Mission Video

Brief video highlighting the NEURS Mission.

Brand New Entrepreneur Demo

As a NEURS Affiliate, you can use this brief video to demonstrate how NEURS can help aspiring entrepreneurs start thier dream business.

NEURS Provider Tip #4

Add your franchise to our database of businesses or Link your profile to an existing business in our database.

By doing so, your business will be suggested to aspiring Entrepreneurs who fit the description of your ideal market. To link your profile to and existing business, click 'Details' on your provider profile and then click ‘link to business. From there you can select the business which is currently on our database and link your profile to that business. If you do not see your business, you can submit the business to be added by clicking ‘Create’ on the upper right hand corner and follow the instructions on the screen. For more information on this process watch this short tutorial video:

Brand New Provider Demo

As a NEURS Affiliate, you can use this brief video to demonstrate how NEURS can help potential Providers grow their businesses.

NEURS Provider Tip #3

Post an online course.

If you have video content to share, or promotional videos about your business, you can upload your content on our online courses section. You can also upload files which correspond with this video. Be sure to provide them value and entice entrepreneurs to want to learn more about you and what you offer.

NEURS Provider Tip #2

Post an Offer

Post an offer on the 'Offers' on the 'Offers and Requests' Page and be specific as to what talent you are looking for. This is a page where aspiring entrepreneurs go to search for mentors, partners, investors, and opportunities. By posting your offer there, you can be found by people who are already looking for your type of venture.