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About us.

NEURS® LLC is a business start-up consulting firm that provides our members with advisory, educational, and financial resources through an online network (neurs.com).

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide by providing the concepts, connections and capital they need to find, build and profit from their ideal business.

Our goal is to become the premier online meeting point for entrepreneurs, with the largest group of aspiring entrepreneurs and business providers of any company; anywhere.

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How it works

You can join NEURS® as an aspiring entrepreneur or a provider.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs complete an Entrepreneurial Profile Questionnaire and our patent pending business suggestion engine provides them with their most compatible business concept, whether that’s a franchise, a business opportunity or generic business idea.

They can also access our entrepreneurial educational platform and access great content from our community of providers as well as our own faculty through university quality online classes.

In addition, they can post their requests to our community of providers and connect with the ones that can help them accomplish their goals; including finding the capital they need to start.

Providers complete a Provider Profile and get listed on our searchable directory. They can also post their specific offers and even search for the aspiring entrepreneurs they are targeting with their offer to connect with them n our platform.

They can also create and host online presentations offering their expertise to our community of aspiring entrepreneurs in order to make even more connections with those they are seeking.

We also offer an account (Full-Access) that allows you to enter the site as both an entrepreneur and provider and benefit from all of the features of the site.

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Who Can Benefit From Joining NEURS®?

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